Academic Benefits

Like all of UT’s honors programs, the Haslam Scholars Program is built on the cornerstones of academics, community, research, and Ready for the World.

Additional Benefits

In addition to these and other exclusive Haslam Scholars Program academic benefits, Haslam Scholars also enjoy the benefits of membership in the Chancellor’s Honors Program, which includes priority course and housing registration and extensive library privileges.

Financial Benefits

Each student selected as one of the fifteen Haslam Scholars receives prestigious merit scholarships in the amount of the total estimated cost of in-state tuition and fees, the average cost of on-campus room and board, and books.  2011 scholarship packages for the Haslam Scholars totaled $17,300 for each Haslam Scholar per year. Out-of-state students also receive a waiver for in-state tuition.

Additional financial benefits of Haslam Scholars Program membership include a laptop computer ($1,500 value), an all-expenses-paid common study abroad program ($4,000 value), and individualized thesis research support ($5,500 value).